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As an industry leader for many decades, Browns has always focused on quality of work and customer satisfaction. The industry has changed dramatically over that time, but our commitment to you has not.


Browns has been at the forefront of innovation and sustainable practices, leading the way to more environmentally friendly cleaning. We’re involved in business and trade associations locally and internationally, providing our input and learning about new practices and technology as they take shape.


We’ve been providing pick-up and delivery service for over two decades and we’ve developed a system that works well to provide a top quality and reliable service. We are able to provide a premium, valet service at no additional cost to you. There is no pick-up and delivery charge and no surcharge on the cleaning.


Browns is proud to offer you superior cleaning with a proven environmentally friendly solvent. GreenEarth is the only clothes cleaning product to be tested and approved by Environment Canada.


GreenEarth is a green cleaning process that is completely non-toxic. It uses no hazardous chemicals. It’s completely safe for the air, water and soil. GreenEarth treats clothes like a mineral bath, so they don’t just come back clean, they come back rejuvenated!

GreenEarth is also non-allergenic and non-irritating. Clothes cleaned with GreenEarth have absolutely no odour, so your clothes are fresh and clean right out of the bag.


GreenEarth is gentle on fibres and won’t leech dye like conventional dry cleaning. This keeps your clothes looking new longer. Colours stay bright, whites are whiter and repeated cleanings won’t cause yellowing. It also doesn’t cause shrinkage no matter how many times you clean them. Fabrics come out of a GreenEarth bath silky smooth, with very little wrinkling and no static. So they need less ironing and finishing. Overall, it’s much less wear and tear on your garments.


Through our GreenEarth cleaning process, you now have an earth friendly, people friendly, fabric friendly solution. If your clothes had a conscience, they’d thank you!


Our route system is appreciated as a dependable and professional solution. The routine is easier to remember and accommodates your weekly schedule.


Whether you need pristine cleaning on a regular schedule, or or simply want to take advantage of our free delivery service on an “as needed” basis, give us a call and we’ll be pleased to accommodate you.


At specific times of the year the need for cleaning household items is often greater (drapes, area rugs, tents and sleeping bags in the spring; winter coats and duvets in the fall; table linens over the holidays, etc.). We’re prepared during these peak times to maintain our regular schedule. Save yourself the hassle of carting around many bulky items; we’ll be happy to pick up and then deliver these orders for you.


Valet service for your clothing and household textile cleaning, and it’s free!

There is no surcharge or premium pricing for our delivery service. Fresh, clean and perfectly pressed, your pampered clothes are a text away. Register now.