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In addition to serving residential clients, Browns Pick-up & Delivery service can also pick up orders at your office. Browns has many contracts to regularly deep clean and press uniforms, helping staff look great and work safely. Thorough cleaning is not only more hygenic, it also helps uniforms to last longer, and keeps them looking better during their use.

For maintenance overalls, security uniforms, professional wardrobe, Browns has the cleaning and tailoring expertise to keep your team looking and feeling professional. It is a great convenience for companies that own their uniforms and work clothing,

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Many businesses are looking for ways to show staff that they are appreciated, and a growing trend among small and medium-sized businesses is offering staff free dry cleaning. This service has met with rave reviews from both employees and management, who appreciate the boost in morale and professionalism.

Each staff member receives their own delivery “Blue Bag” and their preferences are recorded. Once a week (or as often as arranged), a Delivery Service Representative will pick up the bags and, a few days later, return the clothing – clean, pressed and pristine. It may be more convenient for some staff to have the clothing picked up at their homes, and we offer that flexibility. In either case, an office credit card is billed automatically; an itemized statement can be issued monthly for record keeping.