Browns provides Free Pick-up & Delivery in Ottawa.

Looking great couldn’t be easier, register for free now.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, dry cleaning and laundry have been deemed an Essential Service. Professional cleaning is well known to destroy any pathogens, which is critical for first responders, health institutions, and you.


Our free Pick-up & Delivery service will pick up your clothing and return it cleaned, pressed and germ-free 3 days later. You don’t even need to come to the front door. Call Richard for details: 613-913-7369


Register for our free Pick-up & Delivery service. You’ll be assigned a route and a rep. Twice a week like clockwork we’re ready to pick-up or drop off your clothing and household textiles.

Call or text your rep to notify them of a pick-up and any special instructions.

We’ll pick it up as scheduled.
(You don’t even have to be home!)

We’ll review your order, log any special instructions and thoroughly clean your items. (Added bonus: Browns is the greenest cleaner in the region, so you can feel especially good about looking good!)

We’ll meticulously press, prep and inspect your items, ensuring a professional job.

We’ll drop off your items to your door as scheduled. (Again, if you’re not home, no problem!)

You look and feel great!

It’s simple, it’s convenient, and the extra VIP service is FREE

Looking Good and Feeling Great is Easy!


Wearing professionally cleaned and pressed clothes help you look your best and feel more confident. Browns free pick-up and delivery service makes it that much easier to dress for success. Consider us as part of your success support team — take advantage of top quality and environmentally friendly cleaning and custom tailoring delivered to your door on a regular and reliable schedule.